Fariz Shower Specialized manufacturer of shower systemsHolder of 2 national standard certificate of IranFARIZ SHOWER = PROTECT WATERFARIZ SHOWER GREEN ENVIROMENT & BLUE WATER

We are proud that all the products we offer you, are completely made and produced in Iran.

The engraving of the prominent brand of FARIZ SHOWER and made in Iran on all parts is a proof that sellers and consumers are familiar with the completely Iranian product.

Specialized manufacturer of shower systems

Advantages of Fariz Shower

Saving water
Quick & Easy clean
Increased water pressure
Air-Water System
Available in different color
Rotating Ability


Water is one of the common materials in the world, is the most important resources for live, is the most important component parts for organisms.
  • The Fariz Shower Research, Industrial and Production Group devotes all its energy and time to exploring water reserves, which are a valuable resource

Fariz Shower Specialized manufacturer of shower systems

Water-Air system in FARIZ SHOWER products is a unique device and Style that uses the outside air mixed with water and grants the head and hand showers a unique and pleasant jet. It also optimizes water consumption significantly.

Water-Air system in FARIZ SHOWER products and will create the natural rainy effect. we bring the air into the shower installation with the combination of air water. your bath will be full of bubbling water, gentle flow and natural rainy voice, bring you a new bathroom enjoyment.

FARIZ SHOWER products system design grants a future water saving.
Our products mixes water to air particles getting And the result of the water jet function is more comfortable, and brings deep welfare feelings.
Relaxing moments, as you know, are the most precious ones.
FARIZ SHOWER products system has a special style which arises the intimate relaxing moments to pure pleasure emphasized by quality in materials and in modern and innovative design.

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