Bathroom shower panel specifications:

  •  Under South Korean license
  •  Shower panel made of 304 steel
  •  The mechanism of the valve body is made of compressed brass ingots
  •  Cartridge (milk mechanism) brand KORTEC South Korea
  • Certified by the Standard Department Laboratory
  •  Headscarves with the national standard logo of Iran
  •  Easy-to-clean showers
  •  Movable rain shower with the ability to combine weather and climate
  •  Bathroom shower hose with Iran's national standard mark
  •  Movable shower holder made of brass metal
  •  Collapsible brass drain under the shower panel
  •  It has 4 shower jets with a special design
  •  Hot and cold inlet connection hoses with national standard mark
  •  All parts related to water are made of brass metal
  •  All screws and fasteners used are made of 304 steel
  •  Easy installation
  •  With a shower shelf (for shampoo and soap) made of 304 steel (as a gift)

series color of R460W

gold white
black white
shiny steel
chrome white
gold steel

shower panel R460W

shiny gold steel
mette steel
chrome black

Specifications of shower panel R460W

modelshower panel R460
body materialsteel 304
divided milk4 modes - brass ingots with less lead
main taprice ingots with less than 2.5 % lead
hoses304 steel armor - silicone inner hose with standard marking
showers silicone sprinkler
shower phonesilicone sprinkler with water and air combination with standard mark
weldingall parts are made with argon welding
color furnace powder paint
phone holderrice ingots with less than 2.5 % lead
shower jets 6 shower jets with brass balls
fill the tubcascading plastic
screwssteel 304

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