We are proud that all the products we offer you, are completely made and produced in Iran.

The engraving of the prominent brand of FARIZ SHOWER and made in Iran on all parts is a proof that sellers and consumers are familiar with the completely Iranian product.

About The Company:

Fariz Shower and Faucet Manufacturing Inc will operate under the plumbing, heating and air-conditioning equipment and supplies merchant wholesalers industry. Under the management of Mr. Seyedjavad Farizani the Subsidiary will source and wholesale showerheads and sanitary ware valves in the Greater Toronto Area.

The Subsidiary receives industry-related support from an existing parent entity, “Fariz

Shower, established in 2013 in Tehran, Iran.

The Parent Company primarily engages in the production of showerheads and sanitary ware

valves. Over the years, the Parent Company has acquired various quality and patent

certifications, including ten certifications for its products’ unique and innovative designs. The

Parent Company’s mission is to continue producing high-quality, water-reducing, and energy efficient showerheads and similar products. With its successful operations in Iran, the Parent Company aspires to pursue opportunities for global development, starting with Canada as its main priority.

About Parent Company:

Fariz Shower is a manufacturing company that primarily engages in producing showerheads and

steel sanitary ware valves. The Parent Company was established in 2013 by Mr. Farizani and is

located at No. 2419 Mikhak Ave. Fanavaran Industrial Site, Khavaran Industrial Zone, Tehran, Iran. The Parent Company is one of the first manufacturers of water-reducing showerheads in Iran.


In 2014, the Parent Company succeeded in obtaining the National Standard Mark of Iran for its

production of bath showerheads and shower hoses. Thereafter, the Parent Company applied for a patent certificate and began producing the water-saving shower system for the commercial market. Since 2014, the Parent Company has received ten industrial design certificates for its innovative and efficient design. Furthermore, the Parent Company obtained a standard products quality license in 2015 and 2018. The Parent Company further acquired a trademark certificate for the words “Fariz Shower” in the field of manufacturing steel sanitary wares in Iran, protecting the business’ brand identity in the market.


Mr. Seyedjavad Farizani leads the Subsidiary’s overall operations in Canada. His position is Managing Director of the company and his in-depth knowledge in the industry and exceptional management skills make him essential in establishing a reliable and reputable company with a solid network of customers and suppliers in Ontario.

Mr. Farizani has a Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Management from Azad University, Kerman Branch. While studying, he worked for Farizani Brothers Company from 1995 until 2007, performing various marketing and sales activities. Since 2001, Mr. Farizani became a member of the Chamber of Commerce Industrial and Mines, which allowed him to connect and partner with other businesses in Iran. In 2013, Mr. Farizani started the Parent Company to produce shower systems that save water. As the founder and Managing Director, Mr. Farizani led the research and development of the product offerings. He similarly initiated the registration of the Parent Company’s “Fariz Shower” brand.

Mr. Farizani is passionate about environmental stewardship by being responsible for using and

protecting natural resources through conservation and sustainable practices. This fuelled his

business drive, which allowed him to pursue his vision towards creating a water-saving shower


Water is one of the common materials in the world, is the most important resources for live, is the most important component parts for organisms.

However, with the gradually development of science, population increase and endless human damage, the original blue color “crystal” is no more clear and blue but will dry.

But human still want to live in this earth, the most important is to protect our water.

Water is one of the common materials in the world, is the most important resources for live, is the most important component parts for organisms.

The 70% surface of world are covered by water. although the water resources looks rich, but the fresh water what we can real eat and drink are not reach 20%. To us, water is very precious, it is not the inexhaustible.

Water is the sources of life and the base of production, therefore, FARIZ SHOWER devote all our energy and time for searching to save these precious resources.

To achieve this goal:
FARIZ SHOWER succeeded with introduction a plan to produce a shower head with high flow rate and pressure and 30% water saving.
We are proud to offer this product have taken a long step to save water the original source.

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