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We are proud that all the products we offer to you dear ones are completely made and produced in Iran

And the prominent brand of Fariz Shower and made in Iran is proof of this fact that dear sellers and consumers will get to know the completely Iranian product.

Water is an expensive gem, let's think about water conservation

Water is one of the most common materials in the world and one of the most important resources for life and the basis of production. It is the most important component of living things. However ; With the gradual development of science; population increase and endless human losses; The crystal color of the water grains will not become clear and blue, but it will dry. But for a person who still wants to live in this world; The most important thing is water conservation.

Water is an expensive gem, let's think about water conservation

Therefore, the research unit; Fariz Shower Industrial and Manufacturing devotes all its energy and time to checking the stock of this precious resource. Based on the motto of preserving water resources; Friz Showerder production unit decided to produce water consumption reducing shower heads as the first step and introduced this product as the first manufacturer of truly Iranian water consumption reducing shower head products. Freeze Shaver production unit with 50 years of technical production support and mold making expertise from the very beginning by observing quality in mold design and manufacturing and reviewing details in design (beauty and modernity) and efficiency (actual product performance) and tests related to the product. He was in charge of affairs and at the very beginning, for the first time in Iran, he succeeded in obtaining the national standard mark of Iran in the production of bathroom shower heads, and then he was awarded the standard mark of shower hoses. Freeze shower production unit is the first and only holder of the standard mark in the production of bathroom shower systems in Iran.
research unit; In order to continue the process of producing products that reduce water consumption, Fariz Shower Industrial and Manufacturing is researching and designing and making molds for products that reduce water consumption with special attention to special and modern designs. Dear Gan will be introduced

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